Water - it's a great start.

Let’s celebrate water, that which gives us life, that which makes our beings. Each human being is born made up of a varying amount of H2O – Water. Supposedly we’re 75 to 78 percent water as babies just born, but …

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Happy Healthy Festivities

Using Our Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread Premix: Saltless Version – you can create healthy chocolate hot cross buns, perfect for this festive season. Recipe for 1 serving – 1 tablespoon Saltless Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug …

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Better Than Bread Diabetes Awareness Month Special - Packs of 3

How can you get diabetes? Diabetes works by committee. Here, I’m referring to Type 2 Diabetes where lifestyle factors add to your overall chances of getting this disease. If we could name some of the Diabetes Gene Committee Members, they …

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Better Than Bread Wheat Free - the very opposite of Whole Wheat Bread

Why? What did bread ever do to you? Did it really, or are you just “trending”? Wheat contains “gliadin” a protein that has been shown to stimulate appetite. More and more of this protein has been added to mainstream bread …


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Better Than Bread Muffins with local organic jam and rocket flowers.

Find out what to eat by tuning in to our healthy meal ideas! Topped with fresh butter, local jam and organic rocket flowers, our delicious seed muffins makes an amazing and mouthwatering snack! Our delicious muffins can be made in …

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Better Than Bread Braaibroodjies 2019 National Braai Day

Making Braaibroodjies? Why not take it to the next level… National Braai Day this 24th September 2019, celebrates one of our country’s favourite past-times – to braai. At Better Than Bread, we’ve upgrading our braai favourite, to create the: Better …

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