Healthy Head Honcho/ Jul 29, 2016/ BTB Philosophy

At Better Than Bread, our mission is to change the world we find ourselves in, starting from the inside-out. It starts with ourselves, our reason for being….and results in our products.

We believe that providing our world with products that are:

  • nutritionally rich; brainfood,
  • made with natural ingredients; no artificial flavourings, colourants, preservatives and as organic as we can source or instigate,
  • locally sourced; helping farmers, creating jobs, reducing oil and carbon footprints…

enables our vision in creating a better world today, and a brighter future tomorrow.

  • We understand “healthy & real” can be challenging. We help with getting this done.
  • Eating delicious all natural, non-synthetic food is possible.
  • We believe in showcasing the natural, in the art of creation, the deliberateness of a process done by hand, & the value of completion.
  • Our purpose is to develop a sense of pride, admiration & love of beauty.


Let’s have a real and non-synthetic lunch.

Better Than Bread Pot of Tea made with real green leaf stevia
Better Than Bread – Tea with Real Stevia
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