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About Our 90 Second Mug Bread: Cayenne Flavour

Cayenne Pepper is a popular flavour, and one we’ve made part of our popular 90 Second Mug Bread range. The nutritional benefits of Cayenne are such, that we want to include this as part of our regular meal  plans.

Spicing Amount:

However, here at Better than Bread, we’re not really keen on a hot burn mouth feel when we eat, so we use this spice lightly – you should only taste the spice when you chew, and it’s slight aftertaste.

Made of ground seeds, this bread is the ultimate in healthy…and with a light sprinkling of real Cayenne Pepper you get all the benefits and flavour. It is a perfect accompaniment to any savoury meals.

Cayenne, Seed, Bread

Cayenne & Salt Seed Bread – Delicious, fluffy, and ready in 90 Seconds

Cayenne Flavour, with salad, olive oil and balsamic.
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