Better Than Bread Points and Rewards

  • BTB Points is the acronym for Better Than Bread Points and Rewards.
  • BTB Points are only applicable for use on the BTB website as per our terms and conditions.
  • BTB Points can be earned in the following ways:
    • Spending at
      • 15 BTB Points are earned for every 10 ZAR spent, for every product available on .
      • 90 BTB Points equals R6 ZAR, for the year 2019, for every product available on .
      • Please, note: points are awarded on a product basis and not on the cart total.
      • Please, note: points cannot be allocated on delivery costs, and specified other items.
      • Please, note: if you use coupons, their value will be removed from the cart total and consequently points gained will be reduced as well.
      • Please, note: for purchases, these points will be automatically added to the users profile, and are accessible to utilise immediately.
    • Completion of activities specified for points at .
      • Please, note: These points will be manually added to the users profile. As such this activity will be done once weekly, and will only be usable on the profile once assigned.
      • Better than Bread has the right to create and modify the tasks for BTB Points.
  • BTB points can only be spent on 1 website product at a time.
  • BTB points are limited on bulk product purchases, by a maximum on 900 allowed points.
  • Better than Bread has the right to allow or disallow the use of BTB points.

Thank you for reading through the Better than Bread Point System details, aka BTB Point System.