Our About Us

Who We Are?

We are Better Than Bread.

What We Do?

We emphasize using the best natural ingredients, that can be sourced locally – working towards and supporting a self-sufficient economy. Because our products are all made with local, natural and organic ingredients we also have the support of those who care about what we use to nourish our bodies. As such, our products are innately suitable for most dietary exclusions and all our ingredients are grown with sustainability in mind.

Why we do it?

At Better Than Bread, we believe in shaping our world from the inside out. We are passionate about using the best of nature to bring out the best in us. We are dedicated to our cause by educating consumers on preserving health and extending vitality by making healthy eating choices. We exist because we are joined in our belief by a growing number of like-minded people. Better Than Bread is a trusted brand with those who have an appreciation for healthy lifestyles and healthy eating.

What is Our Mission?

At Better Than Bread, our mission is to change the world we find ourselves in, starting from the inside-out. It starts with ourselves, our reason for being….and results in our products.

We believe that providing our world with products that are:

  • nutritionally rich; brainfood,
  • made with natural ingredients; no artificial flavourings, colourants, preservatives and as organic as we can source or instigate,
  • locally sourced; helping farmers, creating jobs, reducing oil and carbon footprints…

enables our vision in creating a better world today, and a brighter future tomorrow.

  • We understand “healthy & real” can be challenging. We help with getting this done.
  • Eating delicious all natural, non-synthetic food is possible.
  • We believe in showcasing the natural, in the art of creation, the deliberateness of a process done by hand, & the value of completion.
  • Our purpose is to develop a sense of pride, admiration & love of beauty.

Company Details

We believe in empowering local, and manufacturing local – for a stronger economy and reduced carbon emissions globally.

Better Than Bread is B-BBEE Level 1, based in Gauteng South Africa.