Healthy Head Honcho/ Mar 30, 2017/ BTB Philosophy

There are so many dietary concerns one has to think about these days:

  1. The amount of sugar and refined starch that mass manufacturers add to our everyday items,
  2. The amount of added sodium or salt that they sneak in everywhere – to make us crave foods,
  3. The shocking amounts of preservatives that they add – to help increase the time that foods can sit on a retail store shelf.

With these in mind, our creators created the ultimate just all round good for you Better Than Bread range.

Our products are designed to be: nutritionally dense, with no chemicals, enhancers or fillers, using locally sourced as much as possible.

Better Than Bread Nuts & Seeds Baked Loaf
Better Than Bread – Nuts & Seeds Loaf Baked

What can you potentially expect when you start using our products?

  • Feeling full after eating a single serving
  • Reduced sugar spikes, and crashes.
  • Better gut health and bowel movements from increased fiber

Why is this?

Since our products are made out of real ingredients, you will start experiencing a change. We aren’t claiming anything, apart from the fact that a diet high in nuts & seeds has a whole lot more fibre and nutrition than bleached refined flours do.

We hope that you enjoy our products. Please let us know your experience when you become a fan too.

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