Healthy Head Honcho/ Aug 4, 2019/ BTB International Research

This image is from a website: , it shows ducks saying thanks for not feeding them bread. We all need to choose #betterthanbread .

It’s not just us human beings that have developed a problem for mass produced shop bread. It’s even the friendly duck. Just ask the team at Breaducation based in the UK.

“Bread doesn’t have the nutrients we need to stay fit and healthy. It fills our tummies so we don’t want to forage…”.

These are interesting words, and they might be applicable to us humans too…that is to say the refined flour based bread that is so easily available at any corner store might not have the best impact on our bellies either.

Let’s make the change and go #betterthanbread.

Bread made with ground seeds, might be just the solution we are all looking for.

Enjoy Our Seed Bread – Ready in 90 Seconds.
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