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At Better Than Bread, we believe in shaping our world from the inside out. We are passionate about using the best of nature to bring out the best in us. We are dedicated to our cause by educating consumers on preserving health and extending vitality by making healthy eating choices. Better Than Bread is a trusted brand with those who have an appreciation for healthy lifestyles and healthy eating.

Yes we mean it... healthy can be delicious  & nutritious. 

And we know that you all have such busy busy lives - no time for baking!

Have a look at our very convenient options!

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Better Than Bread Wheat Free


By Healthy Head Honcho / 22nd Oct 2019

Why? What did bread ever do to you? Did it really, or are you just “trending”? Wheat contains “gliadin” a protein that has been shown to stimulate appetite. More and more of this protein has been added to mainstream bread …


Better Than Bread Muffins with local organic jam and rocket flowers.

Staying healthy this festive season

By Healthy Head Honcho / 1st Oct 2019

Find out what to eat by tuning in to our healthy meal ideas! Topped with fresh butter, local jam and organic rocket flowers, our delicious seed muffins makes an amazing and mouthwatering snack! Our delicious muffins can be made in …

Staying healthy this festive season Read More »

Better Than Bread Braaibroodjies 2019 National Braai Day

The better way to make braaibroodjies this National Braai Day 2019 Heritage Day.

By Healthy Head Honcho / 24th Sep 2019

Making Braaibroodjies? Why not take it to the next level… National Braai Day this 24th September 2019, celebrates one of our country’s favourite past-times – to braai. At Better Than Bread, we’ve upgrading our braai favourite, to create the: Better …

The better way to make braaibroodjies this National Braai Day 2019 Heritage Day. Read More »

Better Than Bread For Diabetics

Diabetics Health Bread

By Healthy Head Honcho / 11th Sep 2019

Guilt Free Convenience from Better Than Bread: Have a listen to the Ted Talk here with Doctor Neal Barnard, where he explains that some genes are set in stone, but others like diabetes work by committee. The diabetes gene exists, …

Diabetics Health Bread Read More »

Better Than Bread Lemon Cake, garnished with stevia leaves.

Lemon Coconut Cake

By Healthy Head Honcho / 2nd Sep 2019

Flourless & Sugarfree Here’s how with a few changes, you can turn our Original Saltless – 90 Second Mug Bread Premix, into a delicious dessert – that is still completely flour-less, gluten-free, wheat-free & sugar-free. Recipe for a single serving: …

Lemon Coconut Cake Read More »

Picture by Breaducation in the UK

…even for the ducks.

By Healthy Head Honcho / 4th Aug 2019

It’s not just us human beings that have developed a problem for mass produced shop bread. It’s even the friendly duck. Just ask the team at Breaducation based in the UK. “Bread doesn’t have the nutrients we need to …

…even for the ducks. Read More »

At Better Than Bread, we are interested in your health.

Join us in a research project to truly understand the foods that work for you.

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Health is not easy. Between the false news, advertisements and myths - its a minefield! We're the professionals who will help you unpack this, simplify it and adapt it to your lifestyle.Whether you're a busy corporate executive with growing children in tow, or a gym enthusiast whose weight is impacting those ankles...

We'll talk you through it all.

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