A Month of Good Habits

Healthy Head Honcho/ Apr 1, 2020

This might just be the perfect time to start a few positive changes. We have some great suggestions. We’ve found there is nothing as rewarding than daily successfully ticking off a habit completed. Mark off the days you get it right. Reward yourself in the end… You’ve just completed a month successfully doing the habit of your choice. Do you need a few suggestions for yourself and the kids? Obviously we have our own ideas of what makes great habits in life. If you’d like to have a choice, checkout our Month of Possible New Habits.

We are OPEN 24 / 7

Healthy Head Honcho/ Mar 27, 2020

We understand the impacts of Covid-19. As a small business, wanting to take care of Our Community, Our Staff and Our Customers – we an online retailer are staying open. All online content is available, as soon as you click to purchase and download. All items requiring manufacturing, will be made to order and delivered as soon as the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. Remember to Stay Home & Stay Safe. Regards Healthy Head Honcho

Are You Who We Need?

Healthy Head Honcho/ Feb 4, 2020

We are looking for people that are passionate about health and wellness. If you are on of those, then you already know how nuts and seeds can help the human body. We are looking for you. Send us your details and we will contact you with our offer details.