The KingFisher

The Kingfisher

This week I had a visitor from nature remind me I’ve not done this much needed post. (This picture is a representative of my morning visitor kindly borrowed from this I was too busy enjoying the moment to pick up my camera-phone.)

The Brown Hooded Kingfisher. Photo taken by Ranger Scott – and borrowed from the website:

It is slightly unnerving to look a wild creature in the eye. Most of the time wild animals avoid the eyes of the big threatening beasts that we are to them – you know – don’t catch the eye of the predator who might decide to eat you. Domesticated pets are the obvious opposites. They don’t have that natural fear, they lose it the moment they become comfortable in the presence of humans.

At the start of this year, a juvenile little kingfisher was staring at me through the window. He was on a post outside my window watching me going about the kitchen making a hot drink. Not scared – eyes so fresh looking on the world for perhaps the first time, its curiosity and boldness was delightful. I kept my eyes on it for as long as I could. The animals that share spaces with me – seem to actively become familiar with me. Its parent was also in the vicinity. The parent kingfisher did the work, catching a tasty bug and then proceeded to feed the juvenile breakfast. It was obviously being shown the ropes.

To watch a kingfisher catch its breakfast is truly something. Some kingfishers catch fish, others catch bugs.

This is still so different to watching the pigeons in Sandton.

I like a world where I point out kingfishers on tree tops to the little people (children) around me. In the space I am in, my compatriots and I work with nature as much as possible. Kingfishers, hornbills, rainbirds and even the odd eagle and crow decide to visit our working version of paradise on earth.

This wild world is under threat.

We as human beings actively engage with our world in a massive way. Almost every decision from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, till we go to bed at night has an impact on the world in some way. Think about it.

If anything – lockdown during Covid 19, has forced me personally to spend more time doing things I believe are important to me… such as bird-watching – and taking ownership of the behaviours that I probably would never own up to if it wasn’t for lockdown.

Stick around – I’m going to own up to those issues my being in this lifetime creates by just being, and I’m going to work to resolve these…and then I plan on writing all about it.

Keep well and keep safe. All the best.

Healthy Head Honcho