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Better Than Bread Diabetes Awareness Month Promotional Pack of 3

How can you get diabetes?

Diabetes works by committee. Here, I’m referring to Type 2 Diabetes where lifestyle factors add to your overall chances of getting this disease.

If we could name some of the Diabetes Gene Committee Members, they would potentially be (although, not restricted to) ;

  • Mr. Processed Foods,
  • Ms. Junk Foods,
  • Mrs. Sweets,
  • Mr. Fast Foods
  • versus
  • All the options that are just that much better.

…to name a few. These Committee Members wage war deep within the body. The outcome of this war has the potential to turn your most valuable asset into a needy, pill-popping, injection-jabbing pain.

Newsflash! You can always eliminate Committee Members, and you can choose others.

We at Better Than Bread serve you by giving you the following options to make healthy and real, just that much easier. Introducing Great Committee Members:

  • Ms. Healthy Snacks
  • Mr Health Bread
  • Ms. Homemade,
  • Mrs. Local,
  • Mr. Seasonal,
  • Ms. Green,
  • Mrs. Organic
  • Mr. Lifestyle &
  • Ms. Unrefined

Other types of Diabetes include Type 1 Diabetes; an autoimmune disease, and Gestational Diabetes which occurs in some pregnant women.

The symptoms of pre-diabetes are…

The symptoms of pre-diabetes are… there are no definite symptoms defined in any of the materials I’ve read. There is a potential chance that darkening of the skin around your neck, underarms, and all joints can potentially point towards this, but it is inconsistent. What they do say is that, if your family has a history of diabetes, heart disease – then the chance exists.

Since pre-diabetes occurs when your body stops processing sugar correctly, changes to how your body manages sugars would be indicative of your body’s processes changing. This requires that you understand how your own body works. If you eat something and all of a sudden you have to go to sleep, or your attention isn’t there – your blood sugar level probably just spiked and crashed after your meal. Is that how it should be? Is that your normal? Do you like it like that?

Also called “Impaired Glucose Tolerance”, Pre-Diabetes is when your blood sugar levels are higher than what they should be and usually precedes the onset of full on Diabetes. By making small changes to your life, you can take the steps needed to stop it or delay pre-diabetes progressing to diabetes.

What are the steps to reduce pre-diabetes and diabetes?

Again, you need to know and understand your own body. It’s the only home your being is going to have in this life-time, your only organic and natural means of transportation, your one true source of entertainment – since you need it to enjoy everything… so make sure you understand it.

Then you can implement the following;

  • Improve your eating patterns.
  • Improve your fitness.
  • Improve stress management.

Type 2 Diabetes is occuring more and more in younger and younger children. If you are a parent, the question to ask is; Can your child figure this out for themselves? If not – it’s up to you! It’s up to you and your choices when you “bring home the bacon”, so to speak. Children have to rely on the elders they have around them. Healthy eating starts in the shopping cart…

Diabetes can lead to:

Diabetes can lead to the following not so very nice complications:

  • heart disease
  • kidney failure
  • stroke
  • blindness
  • loss of hearing
  • amputations
  • skin conditions
  • feet issues
  • to name a few.

My experience with diabetes.

My own delightful mother happens to be one of the most amazing bakers and cooks, she teaches as she does. At age six, I was making beautiful sugar roses out of fondant – my sister was four years old and doing an even better job. We then, later in life, did a fantastic job of supplying local home-industries ( those lovely platforms for local businesses, that are now closing one-by-one, especially when large retailers invite bakers to start supplying them, only to copy the ideas, and put the bakers out of business. Sigh! ) Our house was the witches’ house, with scents of cake, biscuit and overall sugariness. So I definitely eat sugar, my favourite ways are my mum’s choc fudge brownies and…. almond shortbread. I have sweet teeth.

In life, I think my mum did me a solid by dragging me every Saturday since I was 12 years old to go to Weigh-less Group Meetings with her (that’s every Saturday of my teenage existence). Even though I was a very tiny, slight built child turned teenager my mother understood that I liked sweet things, so she felt I could only benefit from the education. If you as a parent do not know what to do to manage the health of your family, then Weigh-less is a great start. For me, it was the foundational knowledge of how health and nutrition works. I also got to meet Mary Holroyd, as a teen and listen to some amazing and inspirational women throughout my youth because of this. So “Thank You Mummy”. When I realised at university that I was falling asleep in lectures after lunch-time, by my own personal choice, I gave up shop bought bread, and because I know how to bake and create, I’ve always been making my own versions of my favourite foods. I still eat my favourite foods and snacks, only I make sure that the bulk of my meals are very healthy, and super nutritious in fact.

My Daddy however, had to give up Coke (cool drink – which he drank daily), since he had kidney stones which the doctor said had been caused by his daily habit. My mum told him to quit the cool-drink, since she wasn’t going to have him Out-Of-Order for another six months (Yes, I heard you – Parents! Geez!). A few years later at my sister’s house-warming party, someone gave my dad a massive cup of cold coke ( his favourite ), and the next day it was all dizzy spells…and my dad now has Diabetes. So now its back to “No Cool-drink”, and he manages what he eats every single day, with medication.

This means it’s in my genes. I can also get diabetes, but since I know this and I happen to love life, I’m doing something about it. This business Better Than Bread is the platform created to change and rework the foods we eat on a daily basis. I’m on this journey and I’d love for you to join me. Together we can make food that nourishes and heals. That’s the plan – so let’s get to it. Next Step; Change your bread.

Diabetes Month Special – 90 Second Health Bread made with Seeds.

For more information on diabetes you can contact Diabetes South Africa.

Ciao for now.

Healthy Head Honcho.

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