Let’s celebrate water, that which gives us life, that which makes our beings.

Each human being is born made up of a varying amount of H2O – Water. Supposedly we’re 75 to 78 percent water as babies just born, but in the first year of our lives that drops by up to 10 percent.

So as we live, we can let life literally dry up our beings…

Let’s remember to stay hydrated.

Why bother being hydrated? Well, these are the benefits I know of in terms of drinking enough water every day.


Drinking enough clean and healthy water

  • keeps internal organs well functioning,
  • allows the kidneys to flush toxins out of your internal systems
  • allows your skin to function well to sweat properly
  • help maintain body your temperature
  • prevents constipation
  • keeps your blood healthy and fluid

In terms of managing weight and weight goals

  • It allows you to feel full without any extra calories being consumed
  • it gets you better access to nutrients
  • it plays a part in the chemical reaction to burn of calories
  • it allows you to keep yourself motivated
  • it helps lubricate your joints and muscles for better workouts and movements

Water Goals … for a better functioning me.

This year I have the goal of drinking three litres (3l) of water a day. Why that number? Why that amount of water per day as a goal?

Herewith the three different methods of calculating how much water to drink daily.

Calculating How much Water You Should Drink:

DetailsMy answersMethod 1Method 2Method 3
Step 1:63kgs / 138,891 pondsYour Weight In
Use the
hydration tool
Your Weight in Pounds
Step 2:Divide that number by 30Multiply by 2/3
SubtotalAnswer =2,10
litres daily.
Answer = 92,594 ounces daily
Step 3:(1 hour exercise daily)
= 2 x 30 mins.
Therefore 2 x 0.35 litres
= 0,7 litres
Add more water
for physical exercise : 30 min exercise
= 0,35 litres
additional water.
Add 12 ounces
of water for
every 30 minutes worked
SubtotalAnswer = 0,7 litresThis calculator
advised I lose this much water daily.
Answer = 24 ounces
Total Water Daily2,8 litres2,8 litres116,594 ounces (i.e. 3.4 litres)

My thoughts,” I truly believe that when human beings better understand themselves and their world, we can only grow. Discussing weight, how much liquid is needed to maintain your body, your brain function, your mood is needed for your existence. This is my attempt to unpack the nature of the machine I meander around in… similar to a driver of a vehicle, we all need to know how to check the water and oil even if the car manufacturer assures us otherwise”.

When I did the sums for myself and my own needs, 3 litres of water seems a fair ask of my body. It isn’t much if you consider how much I’ve probably steamed out today considering the heatwave on this side of the world. We’re at 34 degrees celsius or 93,2 degrees farenheit every day for the whole of spring and summer here in sunny South Africa. A good portion of autumn is hot as well – gosh I’m missing winter.

I am using a fantastic little app on my phone to track the amount of water I’m drinking everyday. I want to use this data to manage my being better and to give it all it needs to perform optimally. Hopefully I can inspire you to do something similar. The App : Drink Water has a very useful set of reminders, and a quick easy function to add up the water I’ve had so far in the day. Small warning, the sound of the reminder, depending on which one you select…can make you believe there is water dripping in your home somewhere….I find it quite delightful! It made me take a walk around to close all the taps – for the first week anyway.

Let’s be water conscious.

This year I’m going to be routing our grey water through a series of water cleaning plants in our home backyard. I happen to live in a very beautiful part of the country with lots of wildlife and natural flora and fauna. A recent neighbouring property has diverted all the natural water in the area into a canal with a 1 way ticket to a golf course just up the road. Doesn’t really give nature a chance.

I’ll keep you all in the loop on this eco-experiment, and let you know the steps taken in future posts.

Let me know what water challenge you plan on taking up this year.

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