Staying healthy this festive season

Better Than Bread Muffins with local organic jam and rocket flowers.

Find out what to eat by tuning in to our healthy meal ideas! Topped with fresh butter, local jam and organic rocket flowers, our delicious seed muffins makes an amazing and mouthwatering snack! Our delicious muffins can be made in either the oven or the microwave – using our Better Continue reading Staying healthy this festive season

Made w. Seeds

Delicious sandwich trio, showcasing Better Than Bread, Made w. Seeds

Why a bread that’s made with seeds? The benefits of a sandwich made of seeds is that it has all the nutrition of it’s natural ingredients. These contain naturally occurring minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, oils and anti-oxidants, plant compounds – as well as being high in protein and very low Continue reading Made w. Seeds

90 Second Mug Bread – Original Saltless

Why the flavour “Original Saltless”? Original? This was our very first creation that was ready in just 90 Seconds. We’ve dropped “Original” from the title now, since its too long for some…but we will always remember our first…now called “Saltless”. Saltless? There are such benefits in knowing how much salt Continue reading 90 Second Mug Bread – Original Saltless

Original Saltless – Nutritional Information

Better Than Bread Nutritional Information Premix

Nutritional Facts of 1 Serving of Our BTB 90 Second Mug Bread Original Saltless Flavour This is the Nutritional Information of the Premix aspect of the Bread Serving, which excludes the nutritional value of the egg. This needs to be added in to determine the value of the serving of Continue reading Original Saltless – Nutritional Information

Perfect seed bread in 90 secs

Better Than Bread - Bare 90 Second Mug Bread

Benefits of Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread: FREE of Dairy, Sugar, Gluten & Wheat; Vegetarian, Diabetic, Banting & Paleo Friendly – ready in 90 seconds. At Better Than Bread we’ve investigated breads with a difference, and gave up on wheat, corn and sugar – conventional ingredients with potential Continue reading Perfect seed bread in 90 secs