Our BTB Points

BTB Points stands for Better Than Bread Points, and is our way of ensuring that our product stays affordable for people who need it.

BTB Points are awarded to members of our site for actions completed, and can be spent towards products on our site. Please note, delivery is not included.

Want to earn BTB Points? Here is how.

  1. Spend money on our Website www.betterthanbread.co.za .
  2. Share our BTB Blog Post content on social media channels, using our social media share buttons (earn 20 BTB Points).
  3. Share our BTB Product posts on social media channels, using our social media share buttons (20 BTB Points).
  4. Interact with our social media pages; like;wow;love our posts (10;15;20 BTB Points), share our posts (20 BTB Points), comment something useful on our post (30 BTB Points). If you do all 3, and you share our post to a retailer you would like to stock our product, then you earn 100 BTB Points all at once.
  5. Signup for our Newsletter for a single earning of 45 BTB Points.
  6. A well written product testimonial on our website will earn you 30 BTB Points.
  7. Contribute to our Blood Sugar Analysis research (coming soon), and for every accurate and real completed entry you will earn BTB Points.
  8. Please note, we limit what gets counted. Only 1 of each of the above items can count towards your BTB daily points accumulation. That means it is best to do every single action from number 1 on this list to number 7 on this list, once per day. You will then be able to earn a max of 215 Points at a time.

Thank you for going through the detail of earning BTB Points. We hope that this helps move you towards health and happiness.