Creating the perfect ground seed bread

Guilt Free Convenience starts with Better Than Bread…

FREE of Dairy, Sugar, Gluten & Wheat; Vegetarian, Diabetic, Banting & Paleo Friendly – ready in 90 seconds.

Benefits of Better Than Bread

This is the HIGH PROTEIN BREAD that;

Keeps you fuller for longer, gives you more natural energy, has low carbs and is super convenient. It has no sugar added, results in no after meal slump, is made of ground seeds, has naturally occurring antioxidants, has naturally occurring micro-nutrients and is the perfect quick meal for post-workout recovery.

Wheat Bread, Rye Bread or Better Than Bread?

With so many delicious breads to choose from, why not stick with Rye Bread or Wheat Bread as healthy options? Both delicious options, especially when fresh and crusty! Do you ever find yourself eating more than you planned to at one sitting, adding that extra slice of fresh white (wheat) bread to the meal? Ever felt the urge to close your eyes, and nap for a bit after having your generous rye sandwich at lunch? Well maybe the item adding bulk to your meal needs some investigation.

At Better Than Bread we’ve investigated breads with a difference, and gave up on wheat, corn and sugar – conventional ingredients with potential negative effects when overdone. Our Better Than Bread products are made out of a blend of seeds or nuts. We source these locally, and grind these into our proprietary seed mixes.

For the Better Than Bread – 90 Second Mug Breads, you choose the protein to add to the mix, i.e. Free Range Eggs, Egg Whites Only, so choose the best eggs you can for the ultimate protein bread. Optimise with delicious choices for everyday optimal fuelling. You control what goes into your machine, with Better Than Bread – Guilt Free Convenience.