Healthy Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Healthy Head Honcho/ Apr 8, 2020

Using Our Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread Premix: Saltless Version – you can create healthy chocolate hot cross buns, perfect for this festive season. Recipe for 1 serving – 1 tablespoon Saltless Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread Premix – 1 XL egg – 5ml cocoa powder – 2.5ml cinnamon powder – 2.5ml green stevia / sweetener – 1ml vanilla extract – 1ml nutmeg – 1 tablespoon raisins / fresh blueberries – pinch of salt – Mix well, then microwave for 90 seconds on high, in a container/mug of your choice. Once done, pop out and let cool, before slicing. Above is the delicious premix of ours that makes this all possible. Enjoy and take care. Healthy Head Honcho

Staying healthy this festive season

Healthy Head Honcho/ Oct 1, 2019

Find out what to eat by tuning in to our healthy meal ideas! Topped with fresh butter, local jam and organic rocket flowers, our delicious seed muffins makes an amazing and mouthwatering snack! Our delicious muffins can be made in either the oven or the microwave – using our Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread! Use either the Saltless flavour, or our Cinnamon flavour to make delicious fresh seed muffins! How does Better Than Bread Muffins compare to a normal white bread butter and jam sandwich? In the above comparison we made 1 serving of Better Than Bread 90 Second Mug Bread (Cinnamon Flavour), and added 1 teaspoon of butter, and 1 teaspoon of reduced sugar jam. For a lower fat percentage, leave out the butter. In the

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The better way to make braaibroodjies this National Braai Day 2019 Heritage Day.

Healthy Head Honcho/ Sep 24, 2019

Making Braaibroodjies? Why not take it to the next level… National Braai Day this 24th September 2019, celebrates one of our country’s favourite past-times – to braai. At Better Than Bread, we’ve upgrading our braai favourite, to create the: Better Than Bread Braaibroodjie. Why? What reason would anyone have to alter an Absolute Classic Braaibroodjie? Our answer: We literally cannot live with the blood sugar spike, and it’s crash if we use White Bread – sorry, just can’t do it. The difference between a Better Than Bread Braaibroodjie and a Normal White Bread Braaibroodjie: So, we’ve changed the bread to our high protein health bread, our Better Than Bread – 90 Second Mug Bread. Here is how to do it: Recipe for Better Than Bread Braaibroodjies Butter <Optional> Chutney

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Lemon Coconut Cake

Healthy Head Honcho/ Sep 2, 2019

Flourless & Sugarfree Here’s how with a few changes, you can turn our Original Saltless – 90 Second Mug Bread Premix, into a delicious dessert – that is still completely flour-less, gluten-free, wheat-free & sugar-free. Recipe for a single serving: 1.5 TBSP of BTB Original Saltless 90 Second Premix, 1 large egg, 1TBSP lemon juice, 2.5ml fresh lemon zest, 2.5ml green powdered stevia leaves, 1TBSP coconut, 1ml vanilla extract, pinch of salt Mix all ingredients well in the microwaveable bowl you plan to use, then microwave for 90 seconds – 2 minutes on high . Once done, pop out of the container and let it cool, before slicing. Topped with syrup made with coconut cream, powdered green stevia and lemon juice to taste. Garnished with lemon zest and fresh

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New Flavour Garlic

Healthy Head Honcho/ Feb 6, 2019

Our NEW 90 Second Mug Bread comes now in delicious Garlic. Ready for any meal in 90 Seconds – fresh soft high protein bread, lightly toasted – served here with delicious homemade vegetable soup. If you are looking for the greatest health innovation since sliced bread, try Better Than Bread’s New Garlic Flavour Ground Seed Mug Bread

Lightly Peppered & Salted Better Than Bread

Healthy Head Honcho/ Oct 19, 2018

Can you believe it! Our delicious, ever so lightly peppered bread is the most amazing improvement to regular normal bread! Made with our delicious blend of ground seeds, lightly spiced with pepper and salt – it’s the most awesome savoury bread in town today!